Scottish Wedding Show

Memories Made Easy

BigAlbum is a modern, digital way to capture your favourite moments from your big day. Our iOS and Android mobile apps let your guests share photos and videos with ease - download the app - there's a free trial to check out BigAlbum before purchase!

Thinking of using disposable cameras?

We think that BigAlbum is a better choice! Here's 5 Reasons Not To Use Disposable Cameras (and Use BigAlbum Instead!)

Considering a photo booth?

BigAlbum can be a great addition to your wedding instead of a photo booth: here's some reasons why it can be a better outright choice!

Scottish Wedding Show Discount

Through The Scottish Wedding Show we're bringing you a Premium BigAlbum (4,000 Photos/Videos and 200 Guests) for £99.99 - take up the offer by using discount code SWS30 at checkout or click this link! Get in touch with us using the chat icon if you've got any questions.

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