Thinking of hiring a photo booth? Here's why you should pick BigAlbum instead

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Hiring a photo booth for your wedding can sound like a great idea, but is it? Here are 6 reasons why using BigAlbum is a better choice for your big day!

BigAlbum is an easy to use Android and iOS app designed to make collecting photos and videos from your guests straightforward and cost effective. It's like your own private instagram for your wedding!

With BigAlbum you can collect memories throughout your entire wedding day and see them instantly.

1. You only get a short time with a photo booth

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Photo booths are hired by the hour. With the standard hire time being two hours (sometimes less!) it might feel like it's over before its even begun. If your day runs slightly behind schedule and your supplier can't stay beyond their end time then you'll have even less time.

With BigAlbum the control is totally in your hands. You decide when you want guests to start adding photos and videos, capturing memories from your entire wedding day instead of only a few hours.

This means with BigAlbum there's no stress about making sure you're picking the right time on your big day - capture it all!

2. A photo booth can take your guests away from the main event

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Depending on when the hire starts, your guests might rush to get a shot. If the location of the photo booth is in another room or away from the dance floor then your guests are moving away from the party, splitting up the group.

BigAlbum is a mobile app for Android and iOS - it's directly in your guests hands! With BigAlbum you're capturing the memories directly as they happen using the mobile phones that your guests will already have nearby. No one misses out and you get to see even more photos and videos!

3. You still wont see all your guests memories

Most photo booth hires will now send you a USB stick or website link to see all the photos taken in the booth. Double check that this isn't another added cost though! 

Even if you get the USB stick or website link that still only covers the photos taken by that booth. You will still need to chase up your guests for the rest of the photos or videos that they take: ones from earlier or later in the day and any ones taken on their phone. This is just extra hassle!

By using BigAlbum you remove all this stress. BigAlbum enables your guests to upload memories as they capture them, regardless of where they are or what time of the day it is. You also have all these memories in one place!

4. Photo booth availability can be limited

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The nearest supplier might not have availability on your big day, leaving you with less ideal suppliers or no option at all. There's a good chance you may need to pay mileage too. 

Another factor here is the suppliers time: most photo booths are owner-operated and you're paying for their travel time, setup time and the time they're with the booth at your wedding.

BigAlbum is fully digital, always available and controlled by you! We don't physically attend your wedding as everything is within the mobile app. There's no date clashes or mileage concerns. 

5. You don't always own your photos

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This one always comes as a surprise - double check that you have the rights to the photos taken by the photo booth. This isn't always the case as you might have to pay the supplier to print copies yourself, or even get digital downloads!

At BigAlbum we think this is ridiculous. These are photos taken at your big day, taken by your guests, they're your photos! No copyright, not watermarking, no hassle.

6. BigAlbum is a fraction of the cost of a photo booths

There's no other way to say this - weddings are expensive! A photo booth is no different. Photo booths are not cheap to run which is why the hire cost can seem high. 

Our goal with BigAlbum is to make capturing memories easy, seamless and cost effective. As mentioned above, with BigAlbum you don't pay for mileage or our attendance time (as everything is in the app!) so these cost savings are passed directly on to you.

With BigAlbum there are no hidden fees. Ever. You pay once, for all features, and get on with enjoying your big day! 

I'm sold - let me try BigAlbum!

Glad to hear - you're one step closer to capturing your memories with ease. There's a free trial in the app so you can double check it's right for you.

When you're ready, purchase BigAlbum on our website rather than through our mobile app to get additional savings.

Download BigAlbum here:

We're always available for any questions and can't wait to see BigAlbum used at your wedding!

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