5 Reasons Not To Use Disposable Cameras (and Use BigAlbum Instead!)

Don't Use Disposable Cameras!

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At BigAlbum we believe disposable cameras are a bad choice. Your memories are precious and you want to look back on them without regret! Here are 5 reasons why using BigAlbum is a better choice for your big day.

BigAlbum is an easy to use Android and iOS app designed to make collecting photos and videos from your guests straightforward and cost effective. It's like your own private instagram for your wedding!

With BigAlbum you can collect memories throughout your entire wedding day and see them instantly.

1. Disposable cameras have a large cost-per-photo

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A disposable camera has three main costs: the cost of the disposable camera, the film development cost, and the cost to print the photos (or receive them on CD/digital equivalent). Considering this is a day you want to remember, you don't want to go for the cheapest option!

A good quality disposable camera usually takes 30 photos and costs around £10. A fair estimate for film development and photo printing is a further £5. This means that every photo costs roughly 50 pence. 

BigAlbum comes with 4,000 photos and videos for £129.99 . This comes out to be 3.25 pence per photo. This is a massive reduction in cost-per-photo! 

For the same cost as BigAlbum you could buy, develop and print only eight disposable cameras - only 240 photos. If you wanted 4,000 pictures with disposable cameras it would cost you almost £2,000!

Oh, and BigAlbum takes videos too - you can't do that with a disposable camera.

2. Time

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Disposable cameras need to be developed before you can see the photos. This means you need to go out your way to find a local developer or post them off. 1hr development time is still offered, at an increased cost. 

There's no better way to beat the wedding blues than looking back at all the happiness and fun of your big day. With BigAlbum you can immediately see the photos your guests have taken - no delay! Begin reliving the fun right away.

3. Quality

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There's no worse feeling than anticipating seeing some great photos on film only to realise they're all out of focus, blurred, too dark or just entirely unprintable. With disposable cameras this is always a gamble, even with premium brands. All it takes is your guests not using the flash or dropping the camera and cracking the case to ruin the film.

BigAlbum uses the best cameras available to us - the ones in the mobile phones in our hands! You can see the photo before uploading it and with 4,000 photos and videos there's room for a couple of rubbish ones without ruining the experience!

4. Number of photos

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Disposable cameras can be hogged by some guests and you end up with all the photos of just one group. They've had a lot of fun but you've not ended up with the memories you thought you'd be getting. You can work around this by buying more cameras, but that's an extra cost!

Remove this concern entirely by using BigAlbum. Even the most snap-happy guest won't take over the experience for everyone, with 4,000 photos and videos providing lots of space for everyone.

5. Extra hassle

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At the end of the day, disposable cameras are more work. You need to buy them in the first place (which isn't always easy!), work out how they've to be put out, get them developed and eventually see the memories. You'll also be thinking about when to let your guests start taking photos: if you start them too early then they might be all used up by the reception!

BigAlbum just makes this easy. In a few taps you're set up and ready to go. You get to enjoy your day and capture all the memories with no effort on your side - it's just that easy!

I'm sold - let me try BigAlbum!

Glad to hear - you're one step closer to capturing your memories with ease. There's a free trial in the app so you can double check it's right for you.

When you're ready, purchase BigAlbum on our website rather than through our mobile app to get additional savings.

Download BigAlbum here: https://goto.bigalbum.co.uk/app

We're always available for any questions and can't wait to see BigAlbum used at your wedding!

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